How to prepare for AFSB Interview after clearing AFCAT?

If you want to join Indian Air Force you have to appear in AFCAT exams. But clearing AFCAT does not guarantee the final selection in Air Force. You have to go through AFSB Interview i.e. Air Force Selection Board. It is similar to SSB Interview. But in the AFSB interview, candidates are monitored more closely. The reason is simple. Air Force Officers have to deal with the latest technology and machinery. Only the deserving and responsible person can handle this responsibility. Now you have this interview ahead of you but how to prepare for AFSB Interview?


This article is not about AFCAT. In this article, we will talk about how to prepare for AFSB interview after clearing AFCAT. Here are some tips for how to prepare for AFSB Interview, what things to take care of before the Interview:-
  • You want to join air force then you should have knowledge of it. You should know about the latest acquisitions made by IAF and potential or planned acquisitions as well. Best way to do this is to read the newspaper. It will also help you be acquainted with the latest national and international news.


  • The most important thing in Interview is that you are genuine, that you are not trying to be someone else. You should start analyzing yourself and changing for the better.


  • You should start playing video games as it will help in improving your psychomotor skills. If you wish to become a pilot, then it is very necessary. Apart from it, you should have basic knowledge about Air Force commands, ranks, missiles, etc.


  • As part of the self-improvement, you should start exercising, running and building stamina. Analyze yourself; know more about your likes, dislikes, your qualities, good and bad, your hobbies, why you wish to join the Air Force, etc. If you do not have any hobby, develop one.


  • You should get to know more closely about your family, friends, their qualities, your surroundings, your city, etc. You should also start taking care of simple things at home like washing your own clothes, arranging your room, arranging your books, shelf, etc.


  • Improving English is a must so you should focus on it. You should also focus on your communication skills. Try to be in groups, in order to develop the habit of speaking in a group.


  • Remember details about yourself like your percentage and performance in 10th, 12th, UG and PG. It will help you in answering questions in the Personal Interview.
Apart from these, there are other things before you go to interview:-
  • First thing is to keep your Admit Card safe. You will need it at the AFSB center at the time of reporting.


  • Keep your documents arranged and their photocopies as well. Arrange everything as mentioned in your call up letter.


  • Also keep all your sports certificate, extracurricular certificates with you.


  • As for clothes, keep two pair of formal dresses, two pair of casual dresses and two pair of GTO clothes. Also keep one pair of formal shoes, one pair of white shoes, 1 pair casual shoes and 1 pair slippers.


  • Double check your tickets and plan your journey in advance if it is going to be a long one. Arrange your accommodation if you are reporting early.

The above points are not something extraordinary points. They are general tips which will ensure that you are prepared and you have everything you need and avoid any last minute rush.


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