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SSB Interview Lecturette topics

Lecturette Topics: Solved

1. India- China Relationship

India and China are two most populous and giant countries of the world. Both the countries are growing very fast and are competitors of each other in terms of economic growth. The relationship between the two countries is ancient and has shared several cultural linkages from the olden times. The countries have been engaged in trade with each other. Apart from that, the Silk Road have also facilitated for the spread of Buddhism in China. There have been boundary disputes between the two countries which has also caused Sino-Indian war. China had also attacked India in 1962 over the dispute of McMahon Line and made friends with Pakistan. The efforts for normalization of relations have been made and settlements for peace have also been initiated between the two. There is always one or other reason between the two countries which is unpleasant to each other. China does not like military activities of Indian troops in the South China Sea while India is always concerned about Chinese military incursions along border areas. Indian markets are flooded with Chinese products while India is also a major exporter to China. Both the countries, if become bilateral partners, can change the face of not only Asia but the world.

2. Child Labour

Whenever we see a child serving tea in hotels, it clicks in our mind that “is this child above 14?” or “is it legal to employ a child as a labour?” We know the answer as well that it is not legal but we don’t even ask the hotel or restaurant manager about it. What is child labour exactly? As per Child Labor Act, 1986, any child below the age of 14 cannot be employed as a labour which includes domestic help. Still, around 12.6 million child works as a child labour in our country. The argument of employers is that at least we are giving them money to feed themselves. A child is a child and they are like flowers. They need a proper environment for their growth and a school for their overall development. It is not their age to work and get fed. It is the responsibility of their parents who have given them birth to provide them all the basic amenities which are right for every child and make them a better citizen. The main thing is if the adults are given employment, children would not be forced to work and support their family. We need to generate employment and several problems of the society will get solved including Child Labour which is a curse for all children.

3. Indian Railways

A vast number of people travel with Indian Railways making it largest in Asia and fourth largest in the world. Indian Railways is the biggest employer in the world and largest public sector undertaking in India. It has the second biggest electrified system in the world after Russia. The first train in India was opened between Bombay and Thane in 1853. The IR aims to improve the transport system in the country and help to develop the economy. It carries about 70% of the bulk movement of passengers and goods. The fastest train in India is Shatabdi Express which runs at a speed of 140km/hr. Deccan Queen is the first electric train in India which was introduced in 1929. Life Line Express is the first hospital on wheels to cater the medical needs of people. IR runs several luxury trains like Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels, Mahaparinirvan Express for Buddhist pilgrims, Deccan Odyssey, The Golden Chariot, etc. Railway ministry, along with its research wings, is trying to improve the quality of service. The Indian Government is planning to invest billions of rupees in IR to make it even much better.

4. Women Safety

In our society men can go out of the house in midnight without any fear, but not women. Why? When an unwanted case happens, then only the safety measures and laws are talked about. Ours is a male-dominated society in which women are trying hard to prove themselves. Men think that they are superior and can do whatever they like. Women are not safe, not only on roads but also in their own home. They need to be safe from not only the strangers but also the one in their house. They are raped, beaten by husbands and family members and are killed even when they are not born. We need strict laws to punish the culprits. Children are required to be taught in homes to respect women. When a woman is harmed or insulted, the whole society is insulted. Life is possible because of a woman and killing them only kills humanity. They need to be protected, respected and valued.

5. Government Schools vs Private Schools

In present times, there is a competition to get admission in the costliest and biggest school. The parents want their children to get the best education which they think is provided by the private ones. The reason is that the quality of education in Govt. schools has decreased. Even the infrastructure in the govt. schools are not up to the mark. Govt. schools have teachers who are well qualified but they are not paid well and hence turn to private schools that are ready to give away exciting salary figures. Even the wards of government school teachers attend the private schools. And then there is that corruption. The money which should be used for the betterment of the govt. schools lie in the pockets of responsible officers. The govt. is required to work on the govt. schools and the quality of education they provide. Presently even the poor section of the society does not want to send their children to govt. schools. The measures are required to be taken early or the govt. schools will be lying vacant in the coming years.


NOTA mean “none of the above”. It is provided as an option in the elections to the voters. In the year 2013, the Supreme Court of India cleared the way of “NOTA” in elections and to provide such a button on the voting machine. The option of NOTA is given so that if a voter does not want to elect any of the candidates, he can choose none of them as it is candidate’s right of speech. The provision is if NOTA get the maximum vote in an election, the next party with the highest votes wins. If NOTA gets a certain percentage of total votes then re-elections are to be held the cost of which will be borne by the political party who lose to NOTA. This move is considered as a maturity of Indian Democracy because if a candidate refuses to vote for a certain party member then the parties will be forced to present legitimate candidates in the election. The sign of NOTA is a ballot paper with a cross on it and is designed by National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

7. E-Commerce in India

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce means the transaction of buying or selling with the use of the internet. It is a way to do the business electronically. E-Commerce includes online shopping, providing platforms for Business-to-business, customer-to-customer, customer business transactions, providing a marketplace for various products and services. The trend of E-commerce is increasing very rapidly. It helps people to choose from numerous choices and saves the time. Technology has made it possible to shop for anything at a fingertip. There are several applications which assist in E-commerce transactions like Document Automation, Online tracking, Pretail, Digital wallet, etc. The market is growing at the rate of 56% while the growth rate in the retail market is 2%. The technology is affecting those retailers who are not running their business online. Some businesses are doing both online and offline business. This technology removes all the geographical barriers and provides better efficiency. As the transactions are entered into in online mode, the security measures in place are of utmost importance.

8. Importance of Discipline in life

Discipline means to obey certain rules. Without discipline, there would be disorder in society. It is important in all areas of life. It is required in our house, our school, colleges, society. We learn discipline from our home. We learn to obey and respect our elders. We are also taught discipline in our schools. We learn there to respect our seniors and teachers. If everybody will be left for doing as per their own will, everything will be ruined. It is required in our individual lives as well. A well-disciplined person is respected in society and shines like a diamond. It is something taught from childhood and remains with us in our whole life. The persons who are not obedient cannot be given power and can’t expect anyone to follow them. It needs to be practised by everyone in their lives.

9. Agni V

Agni V is the fifth missile in the Agni Series. The missile has a range of more than 5000 km. A Chinese official has estimated its range at 8000 km. The missile is developed with an aim to allow India to strike targets all over China from its Central and Southern China. Earlier missiles like Agni III have a range of 3500 km which was not sufficient to cover China. China is our neighbour and is not so very friendly. So in order to deal with its nuclear deterrence Agni V is developed. Its first testing was done in 2012 which states that the missile can target with pinpoint accuracy within a few meters of the destination point. Its latest testing was done in Jan 2018 successfully. The missile has excellent road mobility and it has a canister-launch system. The launch was considered as “a giant stride taken by India in its integrated missile development program”. BBC said that with this launch India has entered the “elite club” which has countries like Russia, France, U.K., USA, etc.

10. E-Books vs Printed Books

With the advent of technology and replacement of everything old with a newer version, another area where technology is affecting our life is books. And there is another debate that whether E-books are better or Printed books. This is an era of E-book readers. People prefer E-books because they are easy to carry and lessen a great weight from the shoulder of the reader. A small device can carry thousands of e-books and provides the reader with several options to aid the reading. Despite all these advantages of e-books, printed books are still preferred because there is a soft touch of that paper that makes the reading all more comfortable. What we read in a printed book is retained in our mind for a long time. The books are a very nice thing to give as a gift as it symbolizes gifting some knowledge which will be with them forever. E-books are read on electronic or battery run devices and can cause eye problems and after a whole day at work with computers, nobody prefers to cuddle up with a device. So both the type of books has their good and bad so choose the best for you.

11. Population Problem

Very proudly we say that every 6th person in the world is an Indian. We are the second most populated country in the World after China. But population explosion is a problem for our country. It causes problems like unemployment, lower standards of living, scarcity of available resources, etc. The reasons behind the increasing population are illiteracy, non-awareness of family planning measures, superstitions, etc. People do not understand the reasons for having a small family. They think more members of the family, more they will earn with every extra pair of hands. People want sons to run their business and not daughters. There are superstitions that bar a woman to think about birth control. People need to be made aware of the population control measures. More and more children should be adopted by people so that these children can have a family and several parents can have children. The standards of living are good for a small family. The population of our country needs to be controlled in time or we will become the most populated country in the world.

12. Ragging

Ragging is a term which is an “initiation ritual” in higher education institutions but can take the form of “physical or psychological torture” of new entrants. It has become a fashion for senior students to humiliate torture or embarrass freshmen year students on the basis of their appearance, gender, caste, etc. Ragging is basically the introduction of students to each other and their seniors but some students take it to another level and make it a nightmare for new students. Their point is that we were also welcomed in the same manner and hence we will do the same thing to our juniors. After the infamous Aman Khachroo case, several anti-ragging committees have been established and several helpline numbers are provided in order to report any ragging practices. In India, approx. 1 call is made every minute on these helpline numbers but very few of the complaints are registered which result in sometimes the death of the ragging victim. It is not easy for a student to adjust to a new environment and only a senior student can understand and help a new entrant in adjusting to the atmosphere. Students are the only people who can eradicate this unhealthy practice.

13. Rail Water Harvesting

It is a process of storing the rainwater for later use rather than letting it run off. The water stored in this way can be used for several purposes like irrigation, for cattle usage, for gardens, for household usage after proper treatment and several other purposes. The water can be stored in the tanks or pits from the roofs and rivers. The technique can be very useful in the areas where there is a scarcity of water. The rainwater harvesting system can help in sustaining the groundwater level. The system needs a setup. It may range from a simple plumbing job of laying the pipes from the roof to a water storage tank to a highly automated system with advances setup and installation. The harvesting can be done through freshwater flooded forests, by solar power panels, surface water capture, etc. The harvesting system is very ancient for India as it was used by Chola Kings in Tamil Nadu in history. It is popular in several countries like Canada, China, Thailand, Bermuda, etc. In fact, Maharashtra state Govt. has made it compulsory for any society to have rainwater harvesting system in order to get registered. Water is life and every little effort to save it is worth.

14. 26/11 Attack

The terrible terrorist attack, which is known as 26/11 attack, took place in Mumbai in 2008. The attacks took place from 26th Nov to 29th Nov. A group of 10 men carried out the attacks. They belonged to a Pakistani Terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. They targeted prominent areas of Mumbai like Oberoi Trident Hotel, Cama Hospital, Rail Terminus, Leopold Café, Mumbai Chabad House and Taj Mahal Hotel. They bombed Chhatrapati Shivaji rail terminus then put the bomb in two taxis. In Taj Mahal Hotel alone, six explosions took place. They took people hostages in Chabad House at Nariman Point. Till the morning of 29th, all the terrorists were killed except one named Ajmal Kasab. He was arrested and was hanged later in Pune’s Yerwada Jail in 2012. As expected Pakistan refused any involvement in the attacks but later due to pressure from US and UN and evidence against it, Pakistan took the responsibility of attacks. The attacks have marked on every Indian’s heart and have further strained the already not-so-good relation between India and Pakistan.

15. AIB Roast

AIB Roast(All India Bakchod Knockout) is a comedy show which starred Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh as roast and Filmmaker Karan Johar as roast master. The show was uploaded to YouTube and contained abusive language. The FIR was filed with Mumbai Police about the show and on its 14 participants including Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. It was a matter of freedom of speech. Several celebs were of the opinion that use of such language is shameful and it is right to oppose the show while others were of the opinion that everybody has a right to speak his mind and the freedom of speech should not be taken from anyone. The point is that everyone present at the show was adult and had no problem in insulting each other and getting insulted. There are millions of shows and so-called “contents” that are uploaded on Internet but it is a person’s choice to watch them or not. If someone is saying a thing and you do not want to listen to it, then don’t but you cannot ask him to shut up. Indian society has become very much sensitive and they bother about the things which do not even affect them. So everyone should mind their own business rather than filing suits or making comments on the matter which does not even concern them.

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