OTA or Officers Training Academy, Gaya-All You Need To Know

OTA Gaya was raised in July 2011. The academy provides pre-commissioning training to cadets to make them a part of Indian Army Officers Corps. It is the third PCT Academy of Indian Army. The academy has state of art training facilities to train young cadets. Currently, it has the capacity to train 350 cadets.

About the Academy

The Academy is situated in the hilly terrain of Paharpur in Gaya. It covers almost 870 acres of the area. OTA is in proximity to the Gaya railway station and the International Airport.

The academy commenced in the traditional secular way of Indian Army. There was a Flag hoisting ceremony and holy scriptures from the different religious books were recited. The Insignia of the academy has grey and red colors in the background. It has grey in the upper half and red in the lower one, with two cross swords superimposed with Dharamchakra. Below it is the motto of the academy i.e. “Shaurya, Gyan, Sankalp” written in Devnagri.

Admission and Training

The candidates can get admission in OTA, Gaya in two ways:

  1. Through 10+2 TES Entry by sending their applications to Additional Directorate General of RTG TES Section; or
  2. SCO Entry which is a special entry for soldiers of Indian Army only.

After selecting the merit candidates they go through SSB Interview in September-October and April- May to join the training in January and July.

The training has two phases:-

Phase I – 01-year Pre Commissioning Training in OTA, Gaya and 03 years training at CME Pune or MCIE Mhow or MCEME Secunderabad.

Phase II – 01-year post commissioning training at CME Pune, MCIE Mhow or MCECE Secunderabad.

The first batch of trainee officers started in July 2011 with only 149 trainees and completed in June 2012. The second batch passed out on 8 September 2012 with 176 cadets from TES 26 and SCO 29.

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