Picture Perception & Discussion test (PP & DT) with solved examples

Picture Perception & Discussion test

The second test in Screening Test series is Picture Perception and Description Test. As the name suggests, the tests comprise of Perception and Discussion on it later.
In this test, a blurred picture is shown to candidates for 30 seconds. The picture is very blurred so the candidate needs to see it properly in the given time frame and to assess the persons in the picture, their age, sex and mood. The candidates are advised to write down the essential parameters in the small square boxes provided in the sheet.

The essential parameters are:

1. Character
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Mood
5. Past (about the character’s life)
6. Present (what is going on in the story)
7. Future (What will happen)
These parameters are very important for the story. A 3 minute time will be provided to write the story. The candidate is required to point the main character, his/ her sex, mood, what has been the situation in the past, what is going on presently in the scene and how is it going to be in the end. Write either in Hindi or English. No other language is allowed. Write the plot of the story in the positive mood. The story needs to be written not too long as the time frame is short.
Each candidate is required to narrate his story. The story should be narrated in 40-60 seconds at most. Do not stutter. If you get stuck with English at any point, switch to Hindi to be comfortable while narrating. But return to English as soon as possible. Do not drag the story farther than required. There should be a message in the story.
After the individual narrating, comes the discussion for which candidates are divided into groups of about 15-20 people. The discussion is monitored by three persons: An Interviewing Officer, a Group Test officer and a Psychologist. The Discussion time is 20 minutes. In the meanwhile, the group has to come up with a common story and a person to narrate that story. It is one heated discussion as every candidate has his own perspective about the characters and story and it takes a bit of time for 15-20 people to arrive at the consensus.

Tips for success at PP & DT:

1. Focus on the narrator or the discussion rather than the officials.
2. Listen attentively to the speaker.
3. Maintain required decorum while the whole session.
4. Do not talk all the time but do speak when required.
5. Put your points clearly and listen carefully. Do not argue.
6. Keep a charming and constant smile on your face.
7. Keep your cool demeanour.
8. Move with confidence and look confident about your participation in the discussion and test.

Keep the above points in mind and read our PP & DT examples given below for further help.

Solved Examples of PP & DT test

 1. The Promise
Picture Perception & Discussion test

Character: 2              Sex: Male                   Age: 19, 17                 Mood: Positive

Raghu was a nice boy. He was very sharp in his studies and was admitted to a very good college for his further studies of Engineering. He was going to college next month so he came with a plan to visit his Grandmother in the nearby village. His Grandma was so happy to have him in the house. One night when everyone was sleeping, he heard some sound. He peeked from his room and found out there was a thief trying to get in the house. He came out of his room without making any noise. It was dark so he slid out from the back door and caught the thief from behind. He found out that thief was no one but Sunil, the boy who used to come to the village every week to sell his goods. His family was very poor. So rather than calling the police, Raghu asked him to promise that he will leave this stealing job and will do some respectful work. Sunil ran out of the village before anyone knowing that he was a thief and promised himself to never ever do any such work in his life.

2. The Generous Heart
Picture Perception & Discussion test

Characters: 4             Sex: Male                   Age: 22, 23, 22, 24                 Mood Positive

It was Mohit’s dream to get in the military and serve the motherland. So he studied very hard. He appeared for competitive exam for NDA and succeeded. He was honoured with the best cadet award. Now he had his dream job. Presently he was undergoing one of his training in a place in Jammu. Although all the hard training he was going through, he liked the place as it was surrounded by hills and mountains and dense forests. One day he was climbing one of the hills with his other three mates. They were suddenly disturbed by a low cry coming from some distance. They couldn’t decipher it whether it was of some person’s cry or anything else. The area was not completely enemy proof. There could be anyone or anything hiding in that place. Mohit decided that they will go and search the source of the cry. When they reached there, it was a deer which had some wound in one of its legs and could not walk. Mohit carried it down at the camp with him and medicated it. After all, it was also a living being. Everybody appreciated him for valuing the poor animal’s life.

3. The Lesson Learnt
Picture Perception & Discussion test

Characters: 3             Sex: Male                    Age: 24, 76 and 42                 Mood: Positive                      

Ajay was 5 when his parents died in a car accident. His grandfather raised him with all his love. The blind love turned Ajay in a spoiled child who liked to have everything in his own way. He was good in his studies. He has recently bagged his Master’s in Business from a well known University. But he was showing no interest in running the family business which was spread across the whole country for last 3 generations. It was getting difficult for his grandpa to stop Ajay’s extravagant spending. He decided to teach him a lesson. One day he called him to his office and asked him to complete a project of one of the managers as he went out on a leave due to an emergency in his family. Ajay tried the whole day but couldn’t come up with a proper project as it was new to him and he was not in the habit to work for such long hours. In the evening, he came to his grandpa in a defeated position and told him everything. His grandpa looked at his secretary Mr Verma and smiled. Her patted Ajay’s back and said that it was a plan to teach him that earning money is far more difficult than spending it.

4. No more ugly
Picture Perception & Discussion test

Characters: 2 (visible 1)              Sex: Female             Age: 19 and 60               Mood: Positive

Tanu was seventeen years old when she got into a accident which left a huge scar on her right cheek. Tanu was terrified of her scar she thought that it made her look ugly. She tried everything to hide it. She went to doctors, confined herself in her room so that she will not need to show her face to anyone. She herself even refused to look at it. It scared her. It had been around two years but still, Tanu did not want to show her face to the world. One day she went to the park with her hoodie on so no one will look at her cheek. An old lady came and sat beside her. She did not have one hand. The lady asked Tanu that there is no need to hide it. Having less than two hands or a scar does not define who you are and what you are. We should be grateful what we have rather than mourning for what we have lost. She also told her that a scar is much prettier than a cruel heart with a pretty face. Tanu realized that how wrong she had been about herself. She went back to her home and smiled to herself in the mirror. The scar was not ugly now.

5. Worth more than money
Picture Perception & Discussion test

Characters: 1             Sex: Male                    Age: 24 years             Mood: Pensive

Amit was raised in a foster care. He had a sharp mind so after school he won a scholarship and completed his graduation in technology. He was always engrossed creating new computer application and now was a tycoon in the computer industry. Now he had his own bungalow but still, his heart missed something. Today he was getting ready for work. He saw himself in the mirror and smiled looking at his expensive clothes and his well-groomed surroundings, thinking that he has everything in this world except someone to love. He sighed at the thought and left for work. When he was returning in the evening a puppy came running in front of his car but Amit hit the brake in time. He stepped out and gathered the little white puppy in his arms. He brought it home with him and gave him a bath and fed him. He rested on his couch with the puppy beside him but it crawled into his lap and looked at him with so much love in its eyes. Amit cuddled him in his arms and thought that money can buy you anything in the world but not the love and happiness.

6. Not always funny
Picture Perception & Discussion test

Characters: 4              Sex: Male           Age: 12, 13, 13 and 38 years          Mood: positive

Anuj was a naughty boy. He had just finished his exams and was very excited to visit his uncle’s place in a village far from their city. He was looking forward to having fun with his twin cousins, having mangoes from the garden and wandering in the beautiful fields. His cousins and other household were very happy to have him in the house as he arrived. From the very same day, they started to plan how are they going to spend the next few days.  Anuj’s mind was always planning some funny tricks to play on others. So their mischief started even after all the warning his uncle gave. One evening Uncle arrived and called the boys on the front porch. He explained to them that how one of their trick today has made the poor old farmer worrying to death because it is his only cow as Anuj and his cousins tied the firecrackers on its tail, the poor animal ran for life and got lost in the woods. Four men went and found it after hard work of many hours. He told them that having fun is not bad but it should not cause trouble to others and asked them to promise them they will not do any such thing in future.

7. The ambition
Picture Perception & Discussion test

Characters: 2 (visible 1)           Sex: Female          Age: 18 and 40                Mood: Thoughtful

After Ganga’s father died, she left her schooling when she was in class 11 and started working. She was the only bread earner in her family. She had a mother who was always ill because there were no hospitals in the village and having treatment in the neighbouring city was not economically feasible for them. Ganga used to work as a labourer. She decided that this is not the life she wants, she decided to do something better in her life. She joined night school and started her studies. She found some work in the city and shifted there with her Mom. She started studying for medical exams and passed it in the first attempt owing to her hard work. She got admitted into a college and became a doctor afterwards. Now she could have a good life but she had not forgotten her roots. So she decided that she will open a hospital in the village and will help the people as much as she can. With a little aid from the government grant, Ganga opened a little hospital and was blessed every day by the villagers for her effort.

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