Download Sample PIQ form PDF for SSB interview


After your arrival at SSB interview centre you are required to fill PIQ form which is also called Personal Information Questionnaire.
You must fill all the details in respective columns of PIQ form very carefully and correctly. Do not fill any wrong information in PIQ form because the information provided by you in PIQ form may be easily verified and cross-checked. 

You need to remember everything you fill in that form. Questions are asked regarding the same in the Interview. Questions are asked about you, your family, education, background, hobbies, schooling, etc.
There should not be any mismatch between the information contained in PIQ and what is said. It is to be filled in the neat handwriting and in an orderly manner. There should not be any grammatical errors in the form. You should form questions based on the PIQ and practice answering them to your own satisfaction.
You should remember all the details about your city, school, college, hobby, etc. If you have written something you should have thorough knowledge about it. If you have specified any favourite sports, the Interviewer can ask for any minute detail about it.
Click on the link given below to download PIQ form PDF version.

Tip: After downloading the PIQ form, take 4-5 printouts of that form and practice it. During the personal interview at SSB Interview, a lot of questions will be asked from this PIQ form only.

PIQ form PDF

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