Psychological Tricks to use in SSB Interview

SSB Interview- the name of this interview scares some candidates. But it is not the fear of the interview but its reputation which distinguishes it from all other interviews. Clearing this reputable interview is like a dream come true for any candidate. The assessors have a great responsibility on their shoulders to recommend the right candidates. They look for something different in the candidates. Studies and hard work are a must to get recommended in SSB Interview but apart from it, there are some psychological tricks to use in SSB Interview which will help you in making an impression.

Here are some psychological tricks to use in SSB Interview:

Mirroring- It doesn’t mean that you have to copy your assessor. While talking, everyone uses some slang or hand or head tilting movements, so if you use such slang or movements, it will make them like you more. This trick can help you a lot if used in a controlled way.

Take a look at the eye color- Sounds strange? Don’t go for the literal meaning. It means look in the eye while talking to anyone. It shows your confidence and makes people trust you. You can use this trick during Personal Interview.

Be genuine- This is not a trick but it is the most useful one. The environment at the SSB centre is altogether different. Candidates try to be what they are not, try to imitate others. The best trick to clear SSB is to be you, to show off your qualities, what you are best at and that you deserve to be in Armed Forces.

The way of saying- What you say matters, but how do you say it matters more. In discussions or while making a point, you may need to use harsh words or high pitch. But it is an art to make your point without offending anyone. This trick will help you to win every one.

Show your dark side- Nobody’s perfect. Everyone has some secrets or stories which reveal their dark side. If you want someone to trust you, share such a story with them. Like some mistake you made in the past you are not very proud of. If you do not have such a story, then makeup one. This trick can help you a lot and show you as a human.

Know where to stop- Showing them your dark side is good, but you do not need to reveal all skeletons in your closet. You should know where to stop and say what kind of things will lower your chances of getting selected. It needs to be kept in mind especially when you are talking to the Interviewer.

What does it mean?- We are talking about the name here. People like you when you talk about them. If you think you’re going out of points to talk about, ask the other person the meaning of his/ her name (if the name is not a common one). It will open up a different area for conversation. Do Not use this trick on assessor.

These are some psychological tricks you can use to get an edge over others. These are just tricks to help you get through SSB and not the substitute for hard work.

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