Self Appraisal Test or Self Description Test Examples

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Self Description Test Examples for SSB Interview

Self Description Test Examples: Example I

(1) What I Think of Myself

  • Physical aspects: I am a person of 5 feet 10 inches height. I enjoy sound health and have never fallen to any serious illness. I love playing Football, Badminton and Tennis in outdoor and Chess in the Indoor games. I have played on school level and won the tennis championship. I wake up early in the morning and do some exercise and running.
  • Social Contacts: I have many friends but 3 of them are intimate: Manish, Sudha and Shruti. In the free time, we enjoy playing badminton and video games. I can get along with people of all age group. I love being in the company of my friends and my family. I have a general social circle.
  • Educational background: I have completed my 10+2 from a reputed school in my city. I like all subjects but Chemistry is my least favourite. I study with my friends and get help from them and my teachers. I love reading books in the library.
  • Parentage and Economic Status: I have grown up in a middle-class family. My father is a businessman. He has his fingers all sort of pies like retail, wholesale, transport, etc. My mother is a teacher. I am closer to my mother than to my father as he is mostly out for business but I like playing chess with him.
  • Moral and religious trends: I am Hindu and we worship Lord Ganesha at home. We celebrate Diwali as well as Eid. My parents are secular and they have taught me to respect all religions. I worship my motherland and am devoted to her.
  • Interest in Cultural and co-curricular activities: I like to play the drum. I used to play it in my school and have also won the inter-school competition in playing the drum. I like music and dancing. I like to participate in sports and working hard to win them. I also like to write contents for educational websites.
  • Hobbies: I play Football, Badminton and Tennis. I like to read novels and educational books. Playing chess also relaxes me. I like to play with my little sister. I have a fawn Labrador, Oscar and I like to take care of it.

(2) What do others think of me?

  • My Parents think: I am eldest in my home and am close to my mother. My parents love me and I respect them very much for whatever they have done for me. They have supported me in my decision to become an officer and have done a lot for us.
  • My Teachers Think: My teachers like me as I am obedient but scold me sometimes for my naughty behaviour. They help me in my studies and support me to improve myself. I respect all my teachers for whatever value addition they have done to my life.
  • My friends think: My friends think I am helpful and fun. They think I am honest in my opinions on their decisions and help them when they need it. They think I am dependable and trustworthy. Though they are sometimes annoyed by my naughty behaviour they are always with me and support me.
  • My enemies think: I hardly believe I have any enemy. If there is any, I would like to make them my friends and would try to know what is it that they are against me? I would like to improve myself and will try not to offend anyone.
  • Qualities I want to myself: My friends think that I take decisions in a hasty manner. If it is so, I want to change it. Some people think I am careless so I would like to change it too. I am trying to become more rational and mature.

Self Description Test Examples: Example II

(1) What I Think of Myself

  • Physical aspects: I am a medium sized person with a 5’9 height. I enjoy sound health. I have never fallen into any serious illness. I wake up at 5 am daily and go for morning walk as the stillness of morning relaxes me. I also do yoga and like to play basketball. I can live in all climates and terrains.
  • Social Contacts: I have two close friends: Disha and Rahul. I like to spend time with them. I am comfortable with all age group of people but prefer the company of seniors. I have a general social circle and like to make contacts as I am a social person. I like sports and watching movies.
  • Educational background: I completed my school from a reputed school in my city. I completed my B.Sc. (Biotechnology) with good marks. I am an above average student and I like all subjects. Though I am a science student, I also have a keen interest in accountancy which I came across due to my friend Disha.
  • Parentage and Economic Status: My father runs a reputed CBSE school in our city. He himself is a Ph.D. and aims to provide good education to all sections of society. My mother works in an NGO and likes to help people. I have an elder brother who is a Chartered Accountant. My family has moderate resources and has taught me to help the poor and add value to our nation.
  • Moral and religious trends: We worship Goddess Saraswati and Durga in our home. We celebrate Diwali, Durga Puja and almost every festival at home. We also celebrate Guru parv with our neighbours as they are Sikh. I am a secular person and believe that there is someone over there who is almighty and we are all his children.
  • Interest in Cultural and co-curricular activities: I like to sing and playing the violin gives me immense relaxation. I have participated in several singing competitions. I used to sing Patriotic songs on the national festival celebration in school and college. My friends like my voice and I sing for them in parties.
  • Hobbies: I like to play basketball. Whenever I want to think clearly or I am in stress I play basketball, it relaxes me. I also like to paint landscape paintings.

(2) What do others think of me?

  • My Parents think: My parents adore me. I am the youngest one in my home so I am used to of everyone’s love. My parents are the best parents in the world. They believe in me that I can be an Officer and make them proud.
  • My Teachers Think: My teachers are very dear to me. They like me as an obedient student. They encourage me to work hard and achieve my dreams. I respect them and follow their advice.
  • My friends Think: They think I need to be more career conscious. They love me and I feel alive with them. They like me being an adventurous person as I like to try new things every time. They think I can achieve anything with my hard work and confidence.
  • My Enemies think: I do not believe in making enemies. Some people may have an opinion of me but I intend to make everyone my friend. With the help of these persons, I can overcome my shortcoming, if there are actually any.
  • Qualities I want to myself: Sometimes people think I have an ego problem or I am not serious regarding my future. I want to eliminate my limitations and become a better person

Self Description Test Examples: Example III

(1) What I Think of Myself

  • Physical aspects: I am a person of a medium height of 5’10. I am fit and strong. I enjoy sound health and have never fallen victim to any serious illness. I wake p at 5:00 AM daily and go for running. I go to gym three days a week. I believe in keeping myself fit rather than putting on muscles. I like discipline in everything around me.
  • Social Contacts: I have a vast number of friends which I made during my school. As I was in Navodaya Vidyalaya I am able to interact with all age group of people. My best friends are Sourabh, Ahmed, Sneha, Zainab and Rishi. I like being around them. I keep on increasing my social circle as I am a very social person.
  • Educational background: I have completed my school from Navodaya Vidyalaya, Indore. I like all subjects except physics. I am not bad at physics but it is my least favorite. I am good in Mathes. My academic record is good. I was school captain during my school days.
  • Parentage and economic status: My father works in Income tax department in Indore. My mother works as a manager in a private bank. I have a younger sister who is in school. My parents have taught me about hard work, manners and have taken care of all my needs. I belong to a middle income family where we are taught that there is no substitute of hard work.
  • Moral and religious trends: I was born in a Christian family. We believe in God and respect all religions. We celebrate Christmas at our home. Me and my friends celebrate festivals together like Eid, Diwali and Durga Puja. We also participate in Garba which are held in our city. I worship my country and my motherland.
  • Interests in Cultural and Co-curricular activities: I like to write. I write short stories and poems. I want to write at professional level hence learning in that direction. I also like to play guitar. I have taken classes for it and I write new notes to play. I enjoy playing it and have won prizes for it.
  • Hobbies: I have a keen interest in British Literature and have read books of D.H. Lawrence, Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, etc. I enjoy reading literature. I also like to take care of pets. I have a Great Dane, Caesar, at my home. I like to play with him.

(2) What do others think of me?

  • My parents think: As I am the elder child in my home, my parents like me as their obedient son. They trust me and my decisions for my life. They have done more than they could for us. They want to see me as an Army officer and be a responsible person and a good citizen.
  • My teachers think: My teachers think that I should work a little harder. They like me as I respect them and value their advice and expertise in all areas of my life. They have taught me a great deal and consider me as their own child.
  • My friends think: They think I am a cheerful person who acts egoistic with strangers sometimes. They trust me and we share a great bond. They think I am reliable, helpful and fun loving person. They want me to be more serious and focused on myself. They pardon me for my weak times and help me as much as they can whether it is in studies or in any real-life situation.
  • My enemies think: The only enemies I have are the persons who are the enemies of my motherland. I want to eliminate all such enemies. Apart from them, I do not think I have any enemies. If there is anyone out there who thinks he is my enemy, I can make him my friend. I know I am difficult sometimes but I do not believe in making enemies.
  • Qualities I want to myself: I want myself to be more disciplined. I want to make good use of my time. Some people think I have an ego problem. I want to be more polite to everyone and eliminate any shortcomings of mine.

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