Some important points for recommended candidates of SSB

Congratulations! You are an SSB recommended candidate now. You are brilliant as you have come so far. This is a perfect reason to celebrate and you should celebrate, of course. After all, you have reached here after so much hard work. But do not forget that you have come only halfway. There is still a long way to go. There are some important points for recommended candidates of SSB which they should keep in mind. After SSB there are medicals and then training. In the meanwhile, you can relax but there are some things to be taken care of. You are about to reach your goal, so work until then. Enjoy yourself but keep your goal in mind and stay focused.


These are some points a recommended candidate of SSB should keep in mind:-

  •  Eat but with caution:- Be cautious about your health and weight. I agree that you have a handful of days of “maa ke haath ka khana” and “Khaa le abhi fir tu chala jayega…” lines are punched but at this time you can’t jeopardize with your weight when there are few days in medical and training. In case you gain weight, training will be very difficult. So it is better to be cautious then running extra rounds at huge academy grounds.


  • Celebrate:- Your hard work showed and you are a recommended candidate now. Of course, you should celebrate and enjoy. But keep your focus on the end goal. So get back to routine and start working towards the goal.


  • Some quality time:- You will stay away from your loved ones, your city for months. Spend as much time with those as you can because you will see them after months.


  • Exercise:- Exercise is an important and non-negotiable part of a military personnel’s life. You need to be habitual of it. Even though candidates are suggested to exercise on a regular basis even before their SSB, this is the time to raise the bar at a higher level. You need to build physical strength and stamina to keep up with the tough training in the academy.


  • Wake Up…..!:- Waking up early – this is another habit of military personnel. If you are not an early bird, it can be problematic. You need to change your habit. Got to bed on time and you will automatically wake up on time. It is important as waking up early gives you enough time for yourself and exercise as well.


  • What’s your wish?:- If you have any hobbies, interest, a wish to learn something new, to read a book, go on a trip, etc., do it now as after getting into the academy, you won’t get any time for anything called a hobby.


  • Mentally Prepared:- When you enter the academy, you don’t want to feel like you have stepped into another world (though it is very different). Training is tough and you need to be mentally prepared for the upcoming change. Meet with some seniors or other persons who have been in the training to gain some experience.


  • Don’t stop what you are doing:- If you have other options in line, do not drop them. If you have a job, don’t leave it. This is because you are not in the merit list until now. And whether you will make it to merit or not, is not sure (Do not get offended, please). Be practical and keep the doors open for other options as well.


We wish you very good luck for the future and your training. Stay focused, be positive, Exercise daily and enjoy every day till training.


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