TAT Test in SSB Interview (Thematic Apperception Test)

TAT Test or Thematic Apperception Test During SSB Interview

TAT test is a projective method to analyze the personality of a candidate. The test is used to reveal the thoughts of a candidate which could not be otherwise known. It is the best method. In the test, the candidates are asked to respond to some pictures or situation. A candidate reflects his own thoughts about every picture which is a great way to know the psychology and thought process of the candidate. It reveals his qualities, characters and his thoughts without being self-conscious. The test is a very important test in the Psychological test.

Each candidate has his own thoughts so there is no particular response to a picture but several ones unlike “Intelligence tests” which have a single answer to every question. This test shows the different perspectives and expression of each one’s personality. A candidate should think and write in a positive manner as it shows how you think. The test requires good imagination rather than knowledge.

TAT Test

TAT Test: Points to remember 

  1. A set of 12 pictures is shown to the candidates. A vague picture is displayed on the slide for 30 seconds. Candidate should study the picture carefully at this time. A 3-minute time frame is allotted for writing a story on the picture shown. The picture needs to be converted into a story rather than merely describing it.
  2. The picture is shown for a very less time so the candidates are advised to read, study, observe and analyze the picture very quickly. Important points about the picture should be made clear in mind. The picture contains a person, his/ her surroundings and actions which need to be carefully read. The minute details about the picture help the candidate in writing a sweet and short story in an effective manner.
  3. The story should be woven around the person or thing in the picture. A candidate needs to decide the name, place and background of his subject.
  4. The story should explain:
  • What has happened in the past?
  • What is going on now?
  • What will happen in the future?
  • How will the story end?
  1. The story should be written in a positive manner. The picture may display a gloomy person but try to weave a positive end to it. Imagine a mood uplifting end.
  2. The 3-minute time frame is small but a nice story can be written in the given time. Do not drag the story too much. Keep it short and simple without being vague. Do not force a situation in the picture when it is not there.
  3. Candidate should write good qualities of its hero or character as it shows his own qualities. There should not be any unnecessary negativity in the story. The story should be optimistic and pleasing. Write correct sentences and not the broken ones.
  4. The story should make sense. It must have a learning or motto even when it is small.
  5. The psychological tests are intended to assess the true qualities of a candidate which can be done effectively by TAT. The manner of writing the story explains a candidate’s fear, ambition, feelings, mood, etc.
  6. In order to succeed in the test, candidates should practice writing essays so that the test would not seem much difficult.
  7. A leader should not fear the obstacles or difficulties. He must face them in order to overcome them. Every situation should be faced with courage, planning and determination in order to win. The story should be written on the same notion.
  8. A person becomes what he thinks. A candidate should think positively. The attitude towards situations and life determines a person’s destiny. Deal every event and day with courage in order to embrace success.

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