Thematic Apperception Test Solved Examples for SSB Interview

Hello aspirants. In this lecture, we will show you solved examples for TAT test or Thematic Apperception Test of SSB Interview. Before start reading this article must read our lecture on Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). In this article, we are discussing Thematic Apperception Test Solved Examples.

Example 1: The Taste of Success
Thematic Apperception Test Solved Examples 1
Solution: Mayank was an intelligent boy. He has always stood first in his class. He participated in all other school activities and sports. He had a keen interest in computers and software. He was always engaged in the development of small applications and software. His dream was to become a successful software engineer. He was studying in the last year of his Engineering course when a big software Company held a competition in the city. The person with the best idea for software will be provided internship at the company and will help in that software building. Mayank started working hard on his new software. The day when the result was announced, everybody was excited to see that who will be the winner. With his hard work and zeal, Mayank won the competition and fulfilled his dream.

Example 2: The Effort
Thematic Apperception Test Solved Examples 2
Solution: Nanda was a brilliant student. She was kind and compassionate. Even as a student she worked with several organizations who worked for people’s welfare. They lived in city and Nanda visited her grandmother, who lived in the village, only in summer vacation. She has now completed her college and was in the village with her grandmother. One day when she was fetching water from the pond she felt that so much of the useful time of the women got wasted in getting water for their household the time in which they can do some meaningful work. She talked with her friends in the city and arranged money through a charity for installing a motor to draw water. She also helped to start cottage industry for women so that they could be financially independent. Her little effort changed the scenario of the whole village.

Example 3: The courageous man
Thematic Apperception Test Solved Examples 3
Solution: Rohan was a good man. One day when he was shopping in the market, he saw some people fighting. There were goons who were threatening the young man for some money and he was refusing. When he didn’t act as per their wishes, one of the guys shot him with a gun and ran away. The young man was sent to the hospital. Police came and asked for the appearance of the goons but people were afraid of indulging in any police case. Rohan was also afraid that he went with Police Officers and dictated the appearance of the goons for the sketch. The sketch proved to be a great help to the Police and they caught the men in some days. Rohan was now relieved that his courage had led to justice for someone.

Example 4: The legacy of old man
Thematic Apperception Test Solved Examples 4
Solution: Mr Kapoor was a very hard working person. He was the Managing director of the biggest Cloth mill in the city. He believed in honesty and expected others to do the same. The cloth manufactured in the mill was famous for its quality. He tried hard to see all the work himself but it was not feasible due to his old age. He had hired Rohit a month ago to handle the customer order and payments. Rohit was a very clever guy and tried to manipulate the orders to take advantage. But Mr Kapoor had not greyed his hair in the sun. He found out the matter from one of his loyal customers and summoned Rohit. He told him that honesty is the best policy and it helps a person to grow in life. That’s what he had learned from his past and passed it onto Rohit as a legacy.

Example 5: Embrace the opportunity
Thematic Apperception Test Solved Examples 5
Solution: Monica was a little child when she lost her father. She used to live in the village with her mother and an elder brother. His brother was 10 years older than her. He operated their ranch which his father used to manage. Due to losing the father and the burden of work in ranch, he could not study after school. But he wanted his sister Monica to go to the city for higher education. When she passed school, he sent her to the city for preparation of civil services. Monica has never lived alone. She missed her home and her brother and loving mother. But she reminded herself of the cause she was here. She started working hard and ranked 1st in the whole state. Her brother was so proud of her.

Example 6: Help to a stranger
Thematic Apperception Test Solved Examples 6
Solution: Tara was a widow who lived on the outskirts of town with her 1-year-old son. The jungle started from a little distance from her backyard. She worked as a nurse in the hospital in town. One day she was plucking berries from the little bushes in her backyard. Her son was playing near her. She heard a groan of a man who seemed in pain. She had her basket of berries in one hand and lifted her son in the other. She approached the crying sound. At some distance, a man was lying on the ground. He seemed to be shot by a gun. She went to her home and called for an ambulance. In the meanwhile, she carried her first aid box to the man and tried to stop the bleeding. The man was sent to the hospital in time and his life was saved. When he was discharged from the hospital, he came to Tara and thanked her for her help.

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