Tips to make up your mind to write TAT stories

Thematic Apperception Test or TAT is a part of Psychological Test series. In this Test, 12 hazy pictures are shown in a series for mere 30 seconds and you are supposed to write a story on the picture in 3 minutes. It shows the way a person thinks. An Officer must have a positive attitude and it should reflect in your stories.
You need not be a professional writer for writing a short story. All you need is practice and concentration. A good story can be written on the basis of your experiences, events in surroundings, etc. And with right focus, you can do it.

You can write good TAT stories by following the steps below:-
    1. The picture will be shown only for 30 seconds so watch it carefully and start thinking about stuff like the hero of the story, his/ her age and gender, surroundings, plot of the story, etc.
    2. Now in the three minutes, first make the story in your mind and organize it. Organized thoughts help in writing faster. So think and then write rather than scratching it up later.
    3. The story must be positively conveyed. It must show some of your own qualities as the character of the story reflects your own personality.

    4. Make a realistic story and it need not be full of action. Make it practical and positive. Do not put unnecessary events like accidents, disaster or death. The Central character of the story need not be heroic. He must be a normal person like you.
    5. There must be a past, present and future in the story. The hero must have a purpose in life. The end of the story need not be dramatic or impractical. Keep it simple but unique and practical.

Now, these are the tips to write a story in TAT. But you need to be prepared for the test at home. You can’t lose focus on the exam in panic. So here are some tips to increase your focus for writing good stories:-

    1. Try to concentrate. Start writing a story and focus completely on it. Try to relate it to events in real life. Do not think about anything else. Think for a while and then write. It may take some time in the start like 5-10 minutes but practice it.

    2. Create a proper environment for writing. Try to create an exam-like atmosphere at home. You can’t have it 100% same but try at least.

    • Sit on a table and chair. Avoid sitting on the bed.
    • Put a timer, setting the time as allotted in the exam.
    • Do not interact with anyone while doing so.
    • Switch off your phone first of all.
    3. Practice Regularly. Exercise writing on a regular basis. It will help maximize your mental performance and concentrate in better way.
    4. Visualize the Exam hall. Visualize yourself writing in exam hall with a picture showing for 30 seconds and 3 minutes to write it. Stop as the timer buzz. Do not be liberal with yourself.
    5. In actual TAT, next picture is displayed whether or not you have completed your story. It means it is the time to concentrate on the present picture rather than thinking about the previous story or how you are going to write next story. Concentrate completely on the task at hand.
    6. You should be aware of all the things expected of you in Interview. It will help you to focus. Understand the rules and time limit for TAT.

    7. In case you become anxious or nervous before appearing in the test, take a deep breath. The concept of three sighs is also popular – take a deep breath, hold it and then let it out with a sigh. Do it three times. It will help you to calm down.
    8. You need to be one with the activity you are doing to achieve the best results, be it any sport or video game. Same applies to write stories as well. Get involved in the task completely. It is termed as “getting inflow” and is s form of concentration.
    9. Read, write and learn continuously. Remember things, events around you. Learn from your previous experiences and apply them to your current situation.

You cannot expect yourself to write a good story without concentration and practice. Your attitude and imagination shape your career and destiny. Remember you are the best and you can do everything. And of course, you can write short stories.


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