Ways to improve your English before SSB Interview

This article talks about ways to improve your English before SSB Interview. Some people get offended and argue “Why only English? Can’t we talk in our mother tongue?” Of course, you can but there are reasons that “Why Only English?”

Language is not a barrier in clearing SSB Interview. You can speak your preferred language like Hindi or your regional language. But the problem is how many people will understand it. Whether at SSB center or in Armed Forces, Officers, soldiers, and others, are from different corners of the country. All of them do not understand your regional language. English is a language everyone will understand. In order to communicate properly with everyone, you should know the language. Let’s talk about the ways to improve your English before SSB Interview.

Some ways to improve your English before SSB Interview:
Start reading the newspaper

Being a Defense aspirant, I assume you to be a newspaper reader. If you read in regional language, replace it with an English newspaper. It is a very effective way to improve your English. If you do not read the newspaper, start reading it now. It will kill two birds with a single stone. Your language will improve and you will get to know about the current affairs.


Start reading books

You can start reading novels. Initially, you will lose interest, if you can’t understand it. For this, keep a pocket dictionary handy with you. After a while when the book will engage you will start enjoying it. Try authors like Chetan Bhagat. The language in his books is easily understandable.


The atmosphere

A kid need not learn a language. He learns just by being in the atmosphere. Similarly, it affects us very much the atmosphere where we live and the people we talk to. Engage in groups where English is common. At first, it will be awkward. But you will habitual of it and feel more comfortable talking in English.


Think in English

You think in the language in which you talk. So make sentences in English in your mind, whatever you want to speak. Seems a little odd, I know but it is one of the most effective ways to improve your English. When you will think in English, you will automatically speak in it.


Watching English movies

Watching movies will not improve your English. What you need to do is to catch the phrases and punch lines which are used. Use them in your daily life. With a little practice, you can use them like a pro and these phrases and punch lines add an effect to your language. You can also start listening to English songs.


Now write

We talked about reading, watching, listening, even thinking English but what about writing it. Can you? Well, you need to practice writing as well. Best way to do is to write a diary. It is important that you can put your thoughts on paper. You can also practice writing TAT stories. So that you practice both English and test.


Speak, speak and speak

You will have to start talking in English. Practice when you’re alone at first. When you are comfortable, talk in English in groups as well. Also, work on your public speaking skills. Practicing in front of the mirror is a very common practice. You can try it as well.


English is not a very difficult language. With practice, you can be a master in it. Not only for the SSB Interview, but it is good to learn a new language. In the SSB interview, it will give you an edge over other candidates. It is not very hard, if you are determined, to improve your English before SSB Interview.

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